Solutions By Industry

Reliable, effective, long-term equipment protection. Nearly every industry has a need for reliable filtration and sensing systems. DCS Controls works with your industry to pinpoint and address your requirements. We routinely provide solutions to the following industries:

  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Petro Chemical and Refineries
  • Mining and Construction
  • Marine
  • Bio-Tech
  • Industrial & Commercial Process
  • OEM and Custom Requirements

Filtration Systems serves the following industries and their distributors…

  • Chemical & Petrochemical Processing
  • Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Biotechnology Processing
  • Water Treatment, Purification & Reclamation
  • Food, Beverage & Fermentation 
  • Electronic Components, Photo & Audio Visual
  • Surface Technology, Cleaning Machines, Nuclear
  • Critical Liquid Process Applications 

Process Pulp & Paper Filtration/Separation Applications

Bleachery Applications
Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Generator Feedstock Filtration
Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4)
Sodium Chlorate (NaClO3)
Methanol (CH3OH)
Hydrogen Peroxide Filtration (H2O2)
Machine Applications
Mechanical Seal Protection
Edge Trimming/Jet Cutters
Showers & Sprays
Chemical Additives
Moisture Profiling
Lube Oil Systems & Hydraulic Systems
Pressure Line Filtration
Return Line Filtration
Air Breathers
Kidney Loop/Off-Line Filtration
Filter Carts
Air/Gas Filtration
Particulate air & coalescing filters Compressed air filters regulators dryers &lubricators Vent filters, standard & sterile
Analytical & Technical Support
Inorganic & Organic Laboratory Analytical Services: ICP ES/MS Flushing Operations: ISO/NAS/ARP Particle Contamination & Cleanliness Certifications Particle Size Distribution Analysis / Sizing Services Photomicrographic Contaminant Identification

Primary Sensing Elements & Electrochemical Measurment Devices

The Van London-pHoenix Company is our major supplier for high quality electrochemical analytical sensors. They specialize in manufacturing pH, ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), Conductivity, Oxygen and Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs) designed for Laboratory, Industrial, Biotechnology and Medical applications.

Industrial Process
In-Line Twist-Lock Electrodes (pH, ORP and Conductivity)
Glass Process Electrodes (pH and ORP)
Hot-Tap Assemblies (pH, ORP and Conductivity)
NEW! Pneumatic Retractable
Submersible Sensors (pH, ORP and Conductivity)
pH Sensor for Latex Application
Flo-Thru Sensor Station
pH in Low Conductivity Solutions
Insertion & Submersible style Turbidity & Suspended Solids Monitors
Laboratory Electrodes (pH, ORP and Conductivity)
Ion Specific Laboratory Electrodes
Electrodes for Titrators
Turbidity & Suspended Solids Meters
Direct Replacement Electrodes
Rosemount Foxboro
ABB / TBI Ingold
Beckman Great Lakes
Yokogawa Honeywell / Leeds & Northrup
Autoclavable Electrodes
In-Situ Insertion Assemblies
Pressurized Insertion Assemblies
Portable pH Analyzer / Loop Simulator
Oakton Portable Meters
Custom Sample Systems
Orion Benchtop Meters
ABB / TBI Rosemount
Yokogawa Honeywell / Leeds & Northrup

Filtration Product Supply Lines

DCS Controls provides a wide selection of  filtration product supply lines offering solutions for residential, industrial, municipal, and agricultural use. See Industrial Supply Line menu below.