What we offer

Lab Services & Filtration Sensing Elements

DCS Controls offers Lab Services for water testing and is a distributor of Primary Sensing Elements & Electrochemical Measurement Devices.

Lab Services- Water Testing

DCS Laboratories is an industrial & residential applied analytical laboratory. DCS Controls Lab Services appreciates how important high quality data is to you. All our data is subjected to a rigorous multi-level review process to ensure only the most credible and scientifically defensible data is provided to you. 



Analytical & Technical Support

  • Inorganic & Organic Laboratory Analytical Services
  • Includes ICP ES/MS
  • Flushing Operations
  • ISO/NAS/ARP Particle Contamination & Cleanliness Certifications
  • Particle Size Distribution Analysis / Sizing Services
  • Photomicrographic Contaminant Identification

Filtration Sensing Elements

We provide industry with reliable, effective, and long-term filtration & separation solutions. Nearly every industry has a need for reliable filtration and sensing systems. DCS Controls works with your industry to pinpoint and address your requirements. We routinely provide solutions to the following industries:

  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Petro Chemical and Refineries
  • Mining and Construction
  • Marine
  • Bio-Tech
  • Industrial & Commercial Process
  • OEM and Custom Requirements

DCS Controls and Lab Services serves the Atlantic Canada region with our head office in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Contact and address info.