What we offer

Industrial & residential applied analytical laboratory services including: general chemistry analysis, trace metals test, and chemistry analysis explanation. Distribution of industrial filtration sensing elements for industrial processes, bio-tech, and laboratory applications.

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Why Us

As an industrial & residential applied analytical laboratory, DCS Controls Lab Services appreciates how important high quality data is to you. All our data is subjected to a rigorous multi-level review process to ensure only the most credible and scientifically defensible data is provided to you.

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Why Us

DCS Laboratory Servcies provides analytical & technical support in the following disciplines:

  • Inorganic & Organic Laboratory Analytical Services
  • Includes ICP ES/MS
  • Flushing Operations
  • ISO/NAS/ARP Particle Contamination & Cleanliness Certifications
  • Particle Size Distribution Analysis / Sizing Services
  • Photomicrographic Contaminant Identification

Our work ethics operate on performance based evaluations of laboratory techniques ensuring the most accurate and precise measurements even at the lowest concentrations. We strive to excel in providing ultra-clean, pre-tested sampling equipment delivered directly, fast turn-around-time options, and custom reporting packages at competitive prices, ensuring you receive quality data required to make critical decisions.

Water Testing

We provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your drinking water is free of harmful contaminants.

Our laboratory water testing services address a variety of residential and industrial concerns. Whether your water comes from a private well, municipal service, or a industrial complex system, such as food safety, agricultural production, or for environmental protection, we help you understand the suitability of water for consumption.

Testing water is covered by our routine water testing profiles: